The University of Bremen is seeking to fill a permanent professorship, starting from October 1, 2025, in the Department of Social Sciences at the Institute of Geography:

Professorship (f/m/d) grade W2/W3 (Besoldungsgruppe) as a civil servant for life for the subject area Physical Geography with a Focus on Geomorphology

Reference number: P 516/24

General: We are seeking an individual (f/m/d) with outstanding scientific qualifications in the field of physical geography, particularly in geomorphology. Experience in observational, experimental, and/or theoretical-modeling investigations of processes at the interfaces between land and ocean or land and the cryosphere is expected. If the general civil service requirements are met, permanent civil servant status will be granted. The classification into salary group W2 or W3 will depend on the respective experience in teaching and the successful completion of research projects.

Research: Research foci should encompass the investigation of both direct and indirect anthropogenic influences on geomorphological dynamics at the interfaces between land and ocean (e.g., interactions between sea-level change and coastal processes) or at the interfaces between land and the cryosphere (e.g., impact of permafrost degradation, glacier retreat, or sea ice reduction on geohazards). Utilizing a combination of observational (including remote sensing) or experimental methods with forward-looking (numerical) modeling is desired. Research experience within an international context, accompanied by corresponding publication activity, is expected.

For further information on the job offer, see the website of the University of Bremen.