Landform Library

A Geomorphological Atlas

The Landform Library is an interactive German/ English map with linked photographs of geomorphological forms and descriptions of processes and material of the depicted landform. Based on different layers, it’s possible to sort the landforms by process agents / domains.


You want to contribute?

As presented at the conference in Giessen, we would like to create a Landform Library, that could be useful for teaching at university and would also represent suitable educational material for school teachers. Furthermore we think that it clarifies the global research spectrum of the AK and represents a nice collection of spatially linked landforms.

If you want to upload your landform to this map you can fill out following PDF Form
Just download the PDF and fill out the required fields locally on your machine.
After that, please upload one PDF together with each landform image to the provided upload folder (link in PDF description).
We greatly appreciate your submissions!