[EGU 2023] International Tracing Day – UniVienna – Sunday 23rd of April

Dear experts of sediment tracing, In addition to the tracing session “Techniques for quantifying the sources and the dynamics of sediment in river catchments across a range of spatial and temporal scales”, that will be held during EGU 2023 in Vienna, we organise an additional International Tracing Day at the University of Vienna on Sunday 23rd of April (just before EGU starts). This will be the opportunity to discuss in person the challenges associated with sediment fingerprinting. More information will…

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DGGM supported “The International Geodiversity Day”, NOW ESTABLISHED on 6th October yearly!!!

About a year ago Prof. Zwolinski contacted us to support the enquiry for the “The International Geodiversity Day” at the UNESCO General Conference, which we happily did with a supporting letter. It was possible to prepare a full dossier with support letters from 117 international and national organisations and individuals from all continents by December 2020. “On the 23rd of November 2021 The International Geodiversity Day was established by the 41st session of the UNESCO General Conference!! From now on,…

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