MGM Salzburg/Kaprun 2022

Picture from @Faistauer Photography and Arne Müseler

MGM 2022: Mid European Geomorphology Meeting 2022 in Salzburg/Kaprun

Date: Nov. 25-27, 2022

Venue: Burg Kaprun (

Preliminary Timeline:
Nov 25: 900-1700 Young Geomorphologists und Forum Novel Research Topics in Geomorphology
Nov 25: 1800 Icebreaker Burg
Nov 26-27: MGM Sessions in two castle halls (Gallery Hall & Knight Hall)
Nov 26: 1600-1730 DGGM and GeomorphAT Meeting with Voting Vorstand/Beirat DGGM
Nov 26: 900-1300 AK Permafrost co-hosted session
Nov 27: 1100-1200 Meeting of DGGM/Geomorph AT working groups
Nov 28: Excursion: Glaciers, permafrost and engineering geomorphology at the Kitzsteinhorn

Local organizing committee: Prof. Jan-Christoph Otto (Uni Salzburg), Dr. Markus Keuschnig
(GEORESEARCH), Prof. Michael Krautblatter (TUM), Prof. Andreas Lang (Uni Salzburg)

Registration and Submissions: Opening soon, submission and registration until September 15, 2022

Preliminary MGM 2022 Outline

1 Conceptual sessions

This format is focused on audience-driven discussion and includes short stimulating controversial
talks. This is featured in (i) DGGM/GeomorphAT working groups and (ii) in the “Forum Novel
Research Topics in Geomorphology (Friday).”

2 Topical sessions in geomorphology

2.1 Alpine geomorphology
2.2 Coastal & fluvial & karst geomorphology
2.3 Dryland geomorphology
2.4 Quaternary geomorphological systems in a changing climate and environment
2.5 Biogeomorphology & Human-Environment Interaction
2.6 Deciphering and modelling long-term landscape evolution
2.7 Engineering geomorphology and geomorphology of hazards and risks
2.8 Geomorphological impacts on water, nutrient and carbon cycles

3 Methodological sessions & workshops

3.1 Advancing dating, geochemical and biomarker techniques in geomorphology
3.2 Near surface geophysical methods in geomorphology
3.3 Novel modelling techniques and artificial intelligence in geomorphology
3.4 Remote sensing and experimental geomorphology methods to unravel Earth surface dynamics

4 Special features

4.1. Permafrost in arctic and alpine environments session co-hosted by AK Permafrost (Sat. morning)
4.2. Forum: Sandpit Novel Research Topics in Geomorphology (Friday)

If you have an idea for a workshop/activity/special event, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly