MGM 2022 & AKPF 2022, Kaprun/Salzburg

Picture from @Faistauer Photography and Arne Müseler

Mid-European Geomorphology Meeting 2022 (MGM 2022) and Arbeitskreis Permafrost 2022 (AKPF 2022)

Date: Nov. 24-27, 2022

Venue: Burg Kaprun (

Local organizing committee: Prof. Jan-Christoph Otto (Uni Salzburg), Dr. Markus Keuschnig
(GEORESEARCH), Prof. Michael Krautblatter (TUM), Prof. Andreas Lang (Uni Salzburg)

Registration and Submissions:

Deadline September 30, 2022
Fill this form to register and if applicable submit your abstract in one step.

!! Important !!

Registration is only valid after complete payment of the registration fee.
You will not receive an invoice before payment, only a receipt of payment after you have payed.

Please transfer the appropiate amount of money to

IBAN: AT47 3400 0368 0444 3545,   BIC: RZOOAT2LXXX
reason for payment: „MGM 2022, *YOUR NAME*“

Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ, BLZ: 34000, Kontonr.: 368-04.443.545

Fees (accomodation & transport not included):
Senior Researcher/Full Participation 170 €,
PhD Student 90 €
Student 60 €
optional Dinner 40 €

Mid-European Geomorphology Meeting  (MGM 2022)

Main Events
Nov 25: 09.00-17.00  Forum Geomorphology: Sandpit Novel Research Topics in Geomorphology (Niels Hovius, GFZ Potsdam, Andreas Lang, Uni Salzburg & M. Krautblatter, TUM)
Nov 26: 08.00-16.00  MGM Sessions in two castle halls (Gallery Hall & Knight Hall)
Nov 26: 16.00-17.30  DGGM and GeomorphAT Meeting with Voting Vorstand/Beirat DGGM
Nov 27: 08.00-14.00  MGM Sessions in two castle halls (Gallery Hall & Knight Hall)
Nov 27: 14.00-15.00  Closing Ceremony

Side Events
Nov 25: 09.00-17.00  Young Geomorphologists und Forum Novel Research Topics in Geomorphology
Nov 25: 18.00            Icebreaker Burg
Nov 27: 11.00-12.00  Meeting of DGGM/Geomorph AT working groups
Nov 28:                      Excursion: Glaciers, permafrost and engineering geomorphology at the Kitzsteinhorn

1 Conceptual sessions (invited)

This format is focused on audience-driven discussion and includes short stimulating controversial
talks. This is featured in (i) DGGM/GeomorphAT working groups and (ii) in the “Forum Geomorphology: Sandpit Novel Research Topics in  Geomorphology (Friday).”

2 Topical sessions in geomorphology

2.1 Alpine geomorphology (Sabine Kraushaar, Andreas-Kellerer-Pirklbauer [requested])
2.2 Coastal & fluvial & karst geomorphology (Lea Obrocki [requested], Jan Blöthe)
2.3 Dryland geomorphology (Olaf Bubenzer [requested], Benedikt Ritter [requested])
2.4 Quaternary geomorphological systems in a changing climate and environment (Julia Meister, Markus Fuchs)
2.5 Biogeomorphology & Human-Environment Interaction (Jana Eichel [requested], Elisabeth Dietze)
2.6 Deciphering and modelling long-term landscape evolution (Jörg Robl, Kurt Stüwe)
2.7 Engineering geomorphology and geomorphological hazards and risks (Hans-Jörg Laimer [requested], Rainer Bell)
2.8 Geomorphological impacts on water, nutrient and carbon cycles (Theresa Blume [requested] , Aaron Bufe)

3 Methodological sessions & workshops

3.1 Advancing dating, geochemical and biomarker techniques in geomorphology (Steffi Tofelde, Thomas Kolb [requested])
3.2 Near surface geophysical methods in geomorphology (Anne Schöpa [requested], Oliver Sass)
3.3 Novel modelling techniques and artificial intelligence in geomorphology (Wolfgang Schwanghart [requested], Kristen Cook [requested])
3.4 Remote sensing and experimental geomorphology methods to unravel Earth surface dynamics (Anette Eltner, Florian Haas)

4 Special features (invited)

4.1. Permafrost in arctic and alpine environments session co-hosted by AK Permafrost (Sat. morning)
4.2. Forum Geomorphologie: Sandpit Novel Research Topics in Geomorphology (Friday)

AK Permafrost 2022

Main Events
Nov 25: 09.00-12.00  Oral Session on Alpine Permafrost
Nov 25: 13.00-16.00  Oral Session on Polar Permafrost
Nov 25: 16.00-18.00  AK Permafrost: Poster Session

Side Events
Nov 24: 17.00-19.00  PYRN-DACH-Meeting
Nov 24: 19.00            AK Permafrost Pre-Conference Get-Together
Nov 26: 09.00-13.00  AK Permafrost co-hosted session

Public transport to Kaprun

Train connections from Munich to Zell am See are given below. We provide a free shuttle connection (VW Bus) between Zell am See and the conference venue in Kaprun (15 minute ride) for the listed train connections. 

Nov 24: Munich Hbf – Zell am See  13:34-16:14 (for AK Permafrost Dinner)
Nov 24: Munich Hbf – Zell am See 15:34-18:14, 17:34-20:14, 19:34-22:14 (for Junge Geomorphologen, Forum Geomorphologie & AK Permafrost)
Nov 25: Munich Hbf – Zell am See 7:34-10:14, 9:34-12:14, 11:34-13:14, 13:34-15:14, 15:34-17:14, 17:34-19:14 and 19:34-22.14 (for MGM 2022)

Return travel

Nov. 26: Zell am See – Munich Hbf 13:44-16:27, 15:45-18:27, 17:44-20:26, 19:46-22:38
Nov. 27: Zell am See – Munich Hbf 09:45-12:26, 11:45-14:27, 13:44-16:27, 15:45-18:27, 17:44-20:26

Accomodation (not included in conference fee)

Numerous accomodations (hotels, bed & breakfasts etc.) are available in Kaprun. We recommend you to check online booking platforms to find accomodations according to your preferences. Please indicate MGM 2022 when you book in one of these hotels we are about to negotiate price reductions for participants.

Late November represents the start of the ski season, we therefore recommend to book as early as possible.

Many further hotels are available in Kaprun. Please refer to the Tourismusverband Kaprun ( or +43 6547 8080) or visit an online booking platform to book a hotel according to your preference.


If you have an idea for a workshop/activity/special event, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly