In the frame of the project Increasing Preparedness And Resilience Of European Communities By Co-Developing Services Using Dynamic Systemic Risk Assessment (PARATUS) which is funded by Horizon Europe Framework Programme, we are looking to fill PhD position at the University of Vienna (Austria).

Project aims and objectives

In the PARATUS project, we aim to develop an open-source platform for dynamic risk assessment that allows us to analyse and evaluate multi-hazard impact chains, risk reduction measures, and disaster response scenarios in the light of systemic vulnerabilities and uncertainties. These services will be co-created within a unique transdisciplinary consortium of research organisations, NGOs, SMEs, first and second responders, and local and regional authorities. To gain a deeper understanding of multi-hazard impact chains, PARATUS will first conduct forensic analysis on historical disaster events, augment historical disaster databases with hazard interactions and sectorial impacts, and exploit remote sensing data with artificial intelligence methods. Building on these insights, PARATUS will then develop new exposure and vulnerability analysis methods that enable systemic risk assessment across sectors (e.g. humanitarian, transportation, communication) and geographic settings (e.g. islands, mountains, megacities). These methods will be used to analyse risk changes across space and time and to develop new scenarios and risk mitigation options together with stakeholders, using innovative serious games and social simulations.

PhD position aims and objectives

The employed person is envisioned to contribute to understanding the dynamic and interactive conditions of risk of past events integrating already existing data and e.g. analyzing how different hazardous events impact different sectors. This includes the analysis of the vulnerability with particular attention to socio-cultural aspects and their changes over time and exploring the historical impact chains within the study area. The development of guidelines on actionable assessment of hazards interactions in compound /cascading events represents another aim of the position. Additionally, a systemic risk assessment for current situation is expected to be carried out. More information you can find in the attached PDF document. The detailed PhD topic will be jointly developed.

Please find more relevant information here: ENGAGE_Prae-Doc_en-221105

The start date of the doctorate is envisioned as soon as possible, the application deadline is the 23.11.2022. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Philipp Marr ( or Prof. Dr. Thomas GLADE (