During the International Q12 meeting, the LGP (Laboratory of Physical Geography), in collaboration with the AFEQ-CNF INQUA (French Association for the Quaternary Study), will welcome in Paris – Aubervilliers, from 3 rd to 5 th February 2020, the community of the Quaternary scientists working on interactions between climates, environments, biological communities and humans.

The Laboratory of Physical Geography (UMR 8591, Meudon) is organising, from 3 rd to 5 th February 2020, the 12th International conference on Quaternary in Paris-Aubervilliers under the patronage of the AFEQ-CNF INQUA.

The objectives of Q12 Meeting are to (1) present research news and associated results; (2) discuss new investigation methods and their applications in response to various problematics and environments; (3) feed discussions around the contribution of this research to environmental and societal issues.

For further information, see the attached circular.